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After operating on St. Maarten Island since 1994, Builders Paradise is closing its doors.

The store hired veteran retail liquidators, Eaton-Hudson of Canada, to run their store closing. Eaton Hudson will guide Builders Paradise in disposing of everything in their store and warehouse, including furniture, fixtures and equipment, at deeply discounted prices.

The liquidation sale begins this week and will run until all $2,000,000.00 inventory has been sold.

Builders Paradise opened 22 years ago with customer service as its focal point. Under the guidance of Mr. Hansel Jones, Builders Paradise was able to grow tremendously and by forming relationships with key manufacturers, gained a reputation for everyday low prices.

Mr. Jones expresses his gratitude to the community : For the past 22 years, Builders Paradise has genuinely enjoyed supporting our customers on the island. We thank you for your support, and thank our devoted store associates for their dedication and friendly customer service to this community. »


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