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On September 05, 2018, the Freedom to choose one’s professional future Act was promulgated!  

It is intellectually very dishonest to ignore all the previous reforms that led to the promised freedom of 2018, the second social project of the Macron five-year term, after the reform by prescription of the Labor Code, but we choose to write this section at the present tense to make the range of measures made available by the legislator, more accessible and public to the greatest number of workers in our territory. Those measures aimed at making real skills development possible, dreaming of equitable and chosen professional development, and promoting economic integration of the population on the margins of the labor markets, whether they are young unqualified, untrained, very long-term job seekers, RSA recipients, who have lost confidence in their potential force of emptiness and commitment imposed on Mingau!

What does this promising entitled is offering us, 3 years later?

We will open this first section with three of these kept promises!

First of all, to make us forgive our friendly dishonesty, let’s talk about the CPA, personal activity account established by the August 8 2016 Law, regarding « work, modernization of social dialogue and securing professional career paths », known as « El-Khomri Law » named after the Minister of Labor Myriam El-Khomri who innovated in her time with the implementation of a virtual account managed by the “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations” which made it possible to group rights assets linked to their professional activity, whatever their status was employee, civil servant, self-employed person, or a liberal profession.

On January 12, 2017, it became the first promise kept for freedom, the CPF, Personal Training Account, accessible through the government platform www.moncompteformation.gouv.fr  or the digital application My Training Account. This digital and monetized safe allows since January 1, 2015  to accumulate an annual budget varying from 500€ to 800€ for each asset, pro rata to the annual time worked and declared. 

With the money from his CPF, the holder (employee, job seeker, non-salaried entrepreneur) can independently purchase the training action that seems beneficial to the construction and strengthening of his skills and to the advancement of his professional career. Note that all of the actions offered by face-to-face or digital training organizations (e-learning, blended-learning) on ​​the government platform, must be certifying, graduating, listed in the inventory or contribute to the realization of a professional guidance project and development staff, such as skills assessment, business creation support or VAE, “Validation des Acquis et Expériences” or validation of professional experiences.

It is essential to note that any employee in activity between 01/01/2009 and 12/31/2014 must update the hours of DIF, “Droit Individuel de Formation” or individual right to training, at his disposal on 12/31/2014 before any purchase of training. 

The latter representing a maximum volume of 120 hours but a significant financial envelope of 1,800€ would simply be erased in the absence of this DIF update of your CPF digital safe before any entry into training!

Second kept promise, the CEP “Conseil en Evolution Professionnelle”, or professional development board [in accordance with Decree n ° 2018-1234 of December 24, 2018 relating to the methods of informing people about professional development advices], continues its mission of assisting the development and securing professional paths of active workers by supporting them in the formalization and implementation of their professional development projects!

As usual, no dedicated and physical CEP for employees of SAINT MARTIN and SAINT BARTHELEMY Local Collectivities, but as always, a centralized service in Guadeloupe that can be reached on 05 90 05 06 07 from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and through the hypertext link https://www.mon-service-cep.fr/engagement-cep

Job seekers should contact their POLE EMPLOI agency according to the government platform https://mon-cep.org/. On the other hand, from this link the territorial CEPs in charge of disabled workers can be identified, those of young people under 26 years old will have to wait for the installation of the “Mission Locale Territoriale”! The CEPs of executives and young graduates are accessible by going to the APEC website at https://www.apec.fr/candidat/faire-le-point–changer-de-voie/se-reconvertir/fiches-services/conseil-en-evolution-professionnelle.html#xtor=AL-2026

Last but not least, the ultimate kept promise, the TRANSITION CPF. It concerns employees who wish to undertake long training, with a view to a professional transition or rather a radical change of professional horizon!

These employees can claim payment of the educational costs of their training and benefit from specific leave after validation of their project by a joint committee. They also benefit from a remuneration, a minimum wage fixed by decree and financed by the skills operators. The employee must, however, justify a minimum working seniority.  

Please note that the TRANSITION CPF replaces the Individual Training Leave, a program which financed professional retraining and which the Ministry deemed ineffective.

In future editions, we will come back with further details on each of the 3 issues CFP, CEP and CPF of TRANSITION who intended to draw, for all socio-professional categories, a short and fair line of access to knowledge and jobs!

Felt concerned by this topic, let’s go further together ! 

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