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The State and the Collectivité of Saint-Martin support training organizations in the area wishing to engage in the modernization of their training tools as part of the device “O.F COMPETENCE”

This system is part of a professionalization process for vocational training sector and targets all up-to-date training organizations, as well as their employees over a period of one year. The skills operator AKTO was mandated to set up this professionalization program.

The OF COMPETENCE device had been presented in October 2021 to all training organizations in Saint-Martin. It is a free training program that aims to support training centers and increase their skills in favor of beneficiaries of lifelong vocational training.

Through this concrete action, the State and the Collectivité provide their support for the professionalization of training structures, in order to enable them to consolidate their organization and their functioning for a high quality training proposal that meets the expectations of the public, but also the requirements of public institutions in regard to compliance with the procedures in force.

Training organizations can thus modernize their tools, develop their capacity for innovation and support for training courses, through new educational approaches and digital learning methods.

This € 200,000 training program funded under the Ultramarin Skills Investment Pact 2019-2022 started on Monday, December 6, 2021, with the support module for obtaining QUALIOPI certification.

For any information on this campaign to professionalize training organizations, please contact Fabiola Rioual – PIC project manager – 0690 18 11 03 – Fabiola.rioual@com-saint-martin.fr

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